Elderly People Android 4G SOS GPS simcard slot smart watch Anti lost fall down alert smart watch for elderly people

Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: Whale Smart
Certification: CE ROHS
Model Number: A28
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 2-1000
Price: USD 45-55
Packaging Details: Cartons: 400*260*360mm/36 pcs/8.5 kgs Neutral packing:164*90*53.0mm /200g
Delivery Time: 7-15 days
Payment Terms: T/T,L/C, paypal
Supply Ability: 1000000 per month

Detail Information

Model: A28 Android OS: Android 4.4
Chipset: SPRD 9820E Camera: 2.0 MP Camera
RAM+ROM: 512MB+4GB GPS: Satellite+WIFI+LBS Multi-mode Positioning
Call Function: Two-way Conversation/SOS Call Power Management: Low-power Power Management
One-click First Aid: SOS One-key Emergency Function, Automatic Dialing Smart Fence: Automatic Alarm When Exceeding The Setting Range
Historical Track: Can Check The Historical Track Within Three Months Wireless Upgrade: Remote Software Upgrade, Remote Debugging And Maintenance, Remote Setting Of Parameters
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Elderly People Android 4G SOS GPS smart watch


Elderly People healthcare management smart watch


Simcard slot SOS Anti lost fall down alert smart watch for elderly people

Product Description

Product Name: Elderly People Android 4G SOS GPS simcard slot smart watch Anti lost fall down alert smart watch for elderly people 高齢者向けAndroid4G SOSGPSスマートウォッチ高齢者向けの紛失防止アラートスマートウォッチ

Elderly People Android 4G SOS GPS simcard slot smart watch


Elderly People Android 4G SOS GPS simcard slot smart watch Anti lost fall down alert smart watch for elderly people 0


A28 GPS Postiniong Android 4G Simcard Slot IP67 waterproof Intelligence Health Smart  Smart Bracelet with anti lost SOS geo fence features.

Product Model A28 Eldly People SOS 4G GPS Smart Watch
Screen 1.30 inch IPS screen, resolution 240X240   G+F single touch
Battery 600mAh Polymer lithium battery 
Waterproof IP67 waterproof
two button Single button (power button/SOS button)
System Android 4.4 , IOS 9.0 and above, bluetooth 4.0
Shell material PC+ABS, IML process
Strap Silicone, width 20mm
I/O interface Magnetic
Chipset SPRD 9820E
Asia Pacific frequency band


TDD: Band38394041(100M);

WCDMA: Band 1258

GSM: Band 2358;

European and American frequency bands FDD: B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B7 B8 B12(17) B20 B28A
WCDMA: Band 1258
GSM: Band 2358;                                                                                                 B17 is a subset of B12 and can be supported by changing software; B28B is supported, but software and hardware BOM support needs to be changed.
Camera 2.0 mp
GPS singal L1,1575.42MHz C/A
GPS channel 22 chanels
GPS Chip-level receiving sensitivity Track:-165dBm,Capture:-148dBm
GPS positioning accuracy 5~15 meters
GPS antenna High sensitivity laser engraving antenna
Base station positioning accuracy 100-1000M
Main antenna Laser carving antenna
WiFi standard 802.11b802.11g802.11n
Operating temperature -20~50℃
Working humidity 5% to 95% non-solidification
Gravity sensor support
Speaker 16*09*3
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.2
MIC Support
Special Features-1 Two-way conversation/SOS call, SOS one-key emergency function, automatic dialing
Special Features-2 Satellite+WIFI+LBS multi-mode positioning, supports AGPS, 26 seconds positioning after cold start
Special Features-3 Smart Geo fence: Automatic alarm when exceeding the setting range
Special Features-4 Historical track,Can check the historical track within three months
Special Features-5 Heart Rate, Blood Pressure monitor
Special Features-6 Remote software upgrade, remote debugging and maintenance, remote setting of parameters
Packaging & Shipping
Packing box size(L*W*H)MM 164*90*53.0mm
Package weight(g) 200g
Carton size(L*W*H)CM 400*260*360mm
Outer box weight(KG) 8.5KG
Packing quantity(units) 36 units/box




Please read the instruction manual before using, in order to install SIM card properly and use the product easily


Elderly People Android 4G SOS GPS simcard slot smart watch Anti lost fall down alert smart watch for elderly people 1

1) How to Use

1.Check the ID number of this product in the label and check all accessories inside the box

2. Install suitable 4G Nano-SIM card in the side of the watch; note correct orientation that golden chip should be facing toward thefront of the device. SIM card cover must be locked by screw tightly after SIM card installed to ensure water proofing.

3.Power on: hold the power key for 3 seconds to start the watch.

How to power off:

(Option 1) Click the watch „More‟ / „Settings‟ / „off‟ / „OK‟

(Option 2) by APP: Settings / „Remote Shutdown‟

4.Reboot: Press the power button for 15 seconds, the watch will reboot.

5.Battery Charge: use the magnetic charging lead to attach to the back of the device (it will only connect one way), connect the other end of the cable to the supplied USB charger 5V1A / 5V2A or other source. Please do not use fast charger, use only 5V chargers or USB ports, higher voltage may damage the device.

2)SIM card installation method

Use screwdriver to remove SIM cover on watch (if not already

removed) Insert chip-side face upward, push inwards until spring retain.To remove: push SIM in slightly to release spring retain

Elderly People Android 4G SOS GPS simcard slot smart watch Anti lost fall down alert smart watch for elderly people 2

3) Device Parameters

Elderly People Android 4G SOS GPS simcard slot smart watch Anti lost fall down alert smart watch for elderly people 3

4)Product features

1.Real-time GPS, WIFI & CELL location

2.Digital Watch

3.Calling (phone book, SOS call button, two way communication)

4.Voice Chat message

5.Video Chat(Optional)

6.Camera function

7.Health pedometer

8.Heart rate & blood pressure

9.Medication reminders & Alarm Clock

10.Night Time power saving mode

11.Sedentary reminder

12. Fall Alarm

13. Location Update modes

14. Other setting and functions: Histroical Track, GEO Fence

5)Function Description

1. Location Update Schedule Modes

There are three location update modes. User can switch the working mode via mobile phone APP, Click „Settings‟ button top of App

/ Set „Location update schedule‟.

Normal mode: Updates location data to APP every 10 minutes when there is continuous movement

Power saving mode: Updates location data to APP every hour when there is continuous movement.

Sleep Mode: It is the default mode and simply means that Geo- fence (safe zone) and location updates are both turned off. The user can locate the GPS tracker at any time in this mode with the "Locate" button, this mode is the best way to save battery.



1.Under the above three modes, User can check device's current location in real time by APP. Open the APP in the map interface, click

on the locate button, and the GPS tracker will report the up-to-date position as soon as possible in a minute.

2.In the map you can see the type of positioning in different colors,WIFI positioning is orange, GPS positioning is blue, LBS positioning is purple

3.In the 10 minutes or 1 hour movement tracking mode, the GPS tracker will regularly update the location on the APP Map page and History

4.The device supports GPS tracking (Outdoor), WIFI tracking ( Outdoor and indoor), LBS tracking (Outdoor and indoor).

The primary difference between GPS and Wi-Fi locating technologies is in the method of gathering location data. GPS uses satellites that orbit around the Earth to triangulate a user's location, whereas Wi-Fi locating technology uses relative network signal strength gathered at network access points. GPS tracking is available in out-door but mostly not available for indoor. When the GPS tracker doesn‟t find GPS signal, it will use Wi-Fi or LBS tracking, Wi-Fi tracking is better for indoor comparing with LBS tracking.

2. The location history playback

In the main page of the APP, click the history button in the bottom, you can check the location history playback within the last three months.

3. Geo-fence (safe zone)

This feature defines a Geo-fence (safe zone) perimeter, and sends the user a push notification if the tracker has left or entered the safe zone.

The user can still manually locate the tracker when the safe zone is turned on/off.

Click More/Geofence/click the "+" icon in the bottom/input the zone name/Click and drag the map to set the centre point/click on the "+" "-" icon or drag to set the coordinates regional context/click OK in the upper right corner to save setting.


  1. App will show enter or leave geofence alarm information (History alarm information can be viewed in APP Information Centre, which is in the upper left corner of the map interface).
  2. The APP may not notify user immediately of a geofence breach - it will only check as often as the time interval is set, the GPS positioning time interval is shorter, the alarm information will be sent faster.
  3. User can set up to three Geo-fences.

4. Calling


Elderly People Android 4G SOS GPS simcard slot smart watch Anti lost fall down alert smart watch for elderly people 4

2.SOS Numbers:

Elderly People Android 4G SOS GPS simcard slot smart watch Anti lost fall down alert smart watch for elderly people 5


Use phonebook to call: Click the address book icon in the GPS watch to view the contact list, slide up and down to select a contact to Call.

One key SOS: in case of emergency, long press the power button for 3 seconds to trigger the emergency call SOS. At this time, the GPS watch will call the 3 preset emergency numbers circularly, you can set cycle as once or twice, the default is one round SOS calling.

Call dialing: Click the dial icon in GPS watch, enter phone numbers manually, the telephone dial-out.

Note: Do not input special characters in phonebook, such as "-", "()" and so on.

5. Chat features:

Voice message:

From APP send to GPS watch: click voice in main page of APP, voice or short text messages can be sent to the watch.

From Watch send to APP: Click the voice icon in watch - holding down the talk button to speak - release your finger to complete the recording. In the voice talk screen, click on "+", user can take pictures and send photos to APP.


Note: Watch can receive a short text message sent by APP, but cannot send a text message from watch (only voice).

Video Chat

Elderly People Android 4G SOS GPS simcard slot smart watch Anti lost fall down alert smart watch for elderly people 6

6. Camera

  1. Taking pictures remotely: APP more - remote camera - click the bottom bar to start.
  2. GPS Watch to take pictures: Click "camera" in GPS watch to enter the camera interface, click on the icon in the middle of the camera to take pictures. Click the lower left corner of the picture icon to enter the gallery page, you can view, delete pictures.

7. Health pedometer steps

Pedometer feature set: APP More à Healthy steps à Click on the Settings icon - Add pedometer period of time (up to three), and click


Elderly People Android 4G SOS GPS simcard slot smart watch Anti lost fall down alert smart watch for elderly people 7

8. The heart rate- blood pressure

Wear the watch, click the „More‟ icon in GPS watch, Choose

„heartblood‟ pressure button to enter the measurement interface, click start, wait until circle completed - the results will be sent to APP.


Note: Please keep your body movement stopped while testing, sit down and still, otherwise the measurement will not be accurate. Make sure the heart rate sensor in the back side of the GPS watch is clean. Please note that not-clean-skin, hair in hands, tattoo, scar, low temperate environments, will affect the accuracy of the measurements.

User can learn more by APP à health à heart rate / blood pressure to view the history measurement.

9. Medication reminders

 APP more à Settings à medication reminders à Set medication reminders and reminder time text, voice à to save.

Note: (1) user can set the frequency as single, daily and weekly

(2) Set up to three groups.

10. Sedentary reminder

Click the sedentary alert icon in the watch - choose to open - set a reminder interval - save.

11. Fall down alert

APP: APP More à Settings à fall alarm à to start alert by APP, user can also choose alerts by calling.GPS Watch: Moreà Settings à Fall alert setting à enable this feature and select tone ring when fall down alert is triggered.


user needs to set up SOS phone number at first.

The GPS watch needs to sense height, impact and angle etc. The height must above 0.5 meter, and angle change over 45 degrees. The authorized numbers will be alerted without the user pushing SOS button

when the fall sensor is activated. Due to the daily life activities (like some sports, sit back on a coach, etc.), sometimes device may detect a fall incorrectly with false alarm. However, users can manually cancel the fall alert by clicking cancel button in GPS watch screen during its beeping.

Please note: As there are some types of falls or fainting that will not be detected, we still strongly recommend user to push SOS button when fall down happen.

12. APN settings

The GPS watch by default has most of the APN information, however if you can call and receive SMS but cannot get the GPS watch online from the beginning of unboxing, then you need to set up APN. Ask your carrier about APN information, and set in the GPS watch. Or you can check your SIM card APN information by installing SIM card in a mobile phone, check APN in the network profile page in settings of mobile phone.

Elderly People Android 4G SOS GPS simcard slot smart watch Anti lost fall down alert smart watch for elderly people 8


Use your mobile phone; send above SMS command to the GPS tracker SIM card. After you send the SMS command, please check if you get a set up success replied SMS from GPS locator.

We don't suggest to use M2M SIM card if you need to call to the GPS tracker. Please also make sure the traffic data package is available and not expired.

(Note: If the user name and password is null, you still need to keep the comma symbol as above)

APN will set successfully after you get the reply SMS from GPS locator, you are suggested to reboot GPS watch after APN settings.

Note: Each operator's APN information is different; please contact the operator for their APN and MCC, MNC information.



  • Do not use an adapter with current above 2A. Charging time around 2-3 hours.
  • Do not charge after the device was water damaged
  • This is an electronic monitoring product, data tested not for medical use
  • Blood Pressure test tips:
  • a)keep relaxed and stand still when testing.
  • b)keep device at the same height at your heart.
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Whale Industry System Co., Limited focus on Health and Care home care Intelligent portable solution. Smart Wearable solution is one of our main focus on for health and care wearable for intelligent and convenient solution. More of this function, we have one special website https://www.4g-smartwatch.com focus on intelligent wearable technology


We Have Below models of Smart Watch for your reference


S series for Sports Health: we recommend: S50/S40/30/S20 /S5 2.0

M Series for business movement Health : we recommend M90/M2/M20/M68

H Series for Health : H80

A Series for Aged people(Elderly People): A28/A09/A29/A9

G Series for Android 4G smart phone watch: G89/G9/G100/G28

K Series for Kids care: K28/K05

L Series for Ladies care: L10


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