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Health Come home

November 19, 2020

Latest company news about Health Come home

We invited famous mangement consultance company to help us to build our Company Culture. After several months's efforts. The new clear cultue bring us more clear focus and our wiling as below


Life Matters Health, Health matters intelligent, this is the clear goal of people’s willing. From history development of people life, medical industry have three Hi-technology revolution, that is


No.1: Medical Equipment Innovation

Medical Equipment Innovated, which is the first Medical Industry Innovation, which help people or doctor can detect its possible disease, and help people to cue the disease, especially for some impossible to be cued in past.


No.2: Medical Device Intelligent

With intelligent medical device, and digital equipment, people can know how healthy they are, and it will bring convenience to guide the doctor to arrange successful surgery.


No.3: Medical Device Intelligent but Electronics

Above-mentioned two revolution is for Medical center or health care, which cant bring the convenient to the people, and bring people to care its health directly from the handheld medical device. So, right now, it is No.3th Revolution: Medical Device Intelligent but Electronics, which bring the big but direct consumption of people to enjoy and share its health. Health come home.


Health Come Home bring the 3rd Medical Device Revolution, Medical Device Electronics and Intelligent, by which Whale Industry System Co., Limited aims to supply such solution.


Due to Big data, AI technology level , and medical Chipset improved madly and it bring health directly to people’s Home. And This is the willing of Whale People who want to bring such product solution to our clients.


From past years, there are three main market list as Medical Center, Health & Care Center& Laboratory. Now due to the 3RD medical Innovation. Health Come home, that is goal for all of staff in Whale Industry System.



Our Willing:

To supply digital Intelligent Medical Home Device for the people and develop more and more intelligent solution for the people’s life and health.


Goal: Aims to be as leading supplier of Medical Home Device Intelligent Electronics


Slogan: Life matters Health, Health Matters Intelligent.

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