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ECG PPG SPO2 HRV Blood Oxygen Monitor Oxygen Watch

April 6, 2021

Latest company case about ECG PPG SPO2 HRV Blood Oxygen Monitor Oxygen Watch


Intelligent Health smart watch with ECG PPG SPO2 Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen Respiratory rates function



ECG PPG SPO2 HRV Blood Oxygen Monitor Oxygen Watch


Basis Specifications as below

Product Model H80 (E80) Focus on Intelligent Health
Screen 1.3 Color screen 240*240  IPS
Battery 200 mAh Polymeter Lithium Battery Magnetic absorption charging
Master Chip Nordic52832
Blood oxygen Ti AFE4404
Temperature sensor CT1711 array
ECG chip TI 129
PPG Chip OSRAM 2703 (Double)
Virbation Loundspeaker Mute/Vibration
Waterproof Level IP 68 Waterproof level
Compatible System Android 4.4 and above,iOS 8.2 and above
Special Features-1 ECG PPG Monitor Health condition, Body temperature monitor
Special Features-2 Health Management: Blood Oxygen(SPO2), Blood Pressure Monitor, Sleep Monitor, heart rate monitor
Special Features-3 Lung Respiratory rates exercise 
Special Features-4 ECG AI medical diagnosis
Special Features-5 SOS, Care for family member


Details Description

Professional health accurate measurement, AI Artificial intelligent health monitor watch. Electrode Green+Red+Infrared+Four precision measurment


6 Reason to recommend this smart watch

1.Accurate body temperature, 24 hours continuous monitor of body temperature changes.

2.blood oxygenation, Ti analog front-end processing chip AFE4404+, Dual Osram (OSRAM) 2703 Chip

3.ECG: Professional Medical ECG Analysis report at a glance prefessional medical ECG Ti129 Chip.


4.Respiration rate, 60 second breath test to understand physical condition

5.24 hour heart rate monitor, automatic monitoring throughout the day to protect health.

6. Care of relatives and friends. Know the health of your parents or friends at any time.

HD Screen, Display more delicate. 1.3 inch full circle full touch high-definition screen, clearly visible under strong light view daily health and activity data to keep you informed about your physical condition.


Body temperature measurement, anytime, anywhere. smart watch use temperature infrared sensors to monitor human wrists in real time 24 hours a day body temperature, always know your health.

Body temperature monitor function, high temperature warning function

a. consider the latest generation of body temperature algorithm and complex environment interactions

b. contact type high precision temperature sensor array

One key measurement High precision blood oxygen. Adopting a new generation of Tf tri-color light integrated blood oxygen algorithm, beyond pure optical measurement method, always pay attention to your physical condition, keep your body at a normal level.

High-performance delicated analog front end Ti AFE4404+dual transmission sensor (Osram) Osram 2703 chip(PD)



ECG+PPG ECG AI medical Testing. Artificial Intelligence (AI) assists in diagnosis, screening for hidden diseases in advance. In depth care for heart health, AI auxiliary diagnosis report, diseases and symptom screening.



Ti medical grade ECG Chip+Big data precision algorithm. 24-bit high-performance medical ECG dedicated chip with a resolution of up to 0.04 microvolts.

Lung health respiratory rate monitor. One rise and fall of the chest is one breath, that is, one inhalation and one exhalation the number of breaths per minutes is called the respiratory rate. The human body breathes inhale oyxgen and exhale carbon dioxide to maintain normal lung function breath rate when calm is about 12-22 times per minutues


24-hour heart rate monitor. built-in professional heart rate monitoring module, with mainstream AI algor

ithm, real-time check your heart rate value and record the 24-hour heart rate changes. Exceeding dangerous heart rate warning


Your health is in your hands. Monitor blood pressure and blood oxygen changes in time, whether in daily or work. Let you always pay attention to physical and mental health

Precise Sleep. Automatically turn on sleep monitoring, real-time monitor for 24 hours, analyze the duration and quality of water sleep to easily grasp health sleep

Bluetooth music, support up and down control, make it more convenient for you to exercise and listen to music

Incomming call, information reminder watch it. Synchronously display reminder calls with mobile phones, and supports SMS, wechat, QQ, whatsapp facebook instram twitwer and other different app information push, you can seee it right away.

Multi-sport Mode. we advocate a more natural way of movement. On the smart watch, you have no burden, keep exercising safer and more effectively to accomplish our goals.

Caring for health of parents. add friends with family members in the binding APP, and reomotely check the health status of relatives and friends. If you are far away, you will no longer worry your parents at home and affect your work.

SOS emergency call.The watch contains the SOS call function in the shortcut menu, which ensures that the watch and mobile phone when connected, press the SOS button on the watch and the phone will immediately pop up the SOS call menu.

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